*August 27, 2019)

twic e ides september

says see my winds break south beach

(still to early…but)*

*(The tropical storm – and, no, I have not looked-name-up yet: do not want to give The Lady airs! – well could be busting between Puerto Rico and Hispaniola this weekend and aiming a bit for the South Florida beaches after saying hello to perhaps some central Bahamanian isles. A sip of warm water off the Gulf Stream, I suspect, well may encourage stronger winds, more rain and a wider girth. My last (and in retrospect: least) favorite on-land encounter with a Labor Day storm here was 1960 and mean Hurricane Donna which looped western Cuba, crashed The Keys and took the Interstate Four (before it was built) route from Tampa to Sanford (and Orlando) and gave the big beach pier at Daytona a buz- cut before adjusting Old North Tower’s belfry in Boston and thence onward to annoy Europe and the adjacent no-longer-want-to-play British Isles. That Gulf Stream which keeps Western Europe and environs warm in Winter feeds tropical systems born off Africa throwing those big, hazy curve-ball pitches which cause many sneezes from high aloft sandstorm survivor gritty particles off my Central Florida August beaches. And, in passing, powers a 45-mile in diameter tropical storm to monster proportions seemingly overnight – see Hurricane Andrew for a brief but scary refresher. I envy not our Midwest – hell, anywhere on Earth can see a tornado – but Twister Alley truly frightens, though a goodly Category three, four or five hur- or him-icane can spawn many such funnel clouds painting the ground twisted. Pray for The Antilles and Surrounds, our sister Puerto Rico and those in the path and truly keep at making that Hurricane Preparedness list complete! You guys with Slip-Faults and such do the same!)

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