Slipping On A Teardrop

What soft fire you bring/ melting into your poem/ you build forever*
*(also: fantasies, sympathies, symphonies…Thanks, Yassy! I treasure you (and your glossy sometimes groaning with meanings words. J


I slip on a teardrop to fall into a diamond sky. Sapphire winds glaze my eyes, potent tears drip through midnight hours in an ocean of moonlit tides.

Like a shooting star
Travelling light years in a multiverse;
I ache for a wish.

Swirling in aromas of petalled darkness, tangerine stars flame into vignettes that glide on musings in night's primitive caress.

Whisper of unmet dreams-
My breath draws a sigh.

The bruise in my heart sweetens the pain of yearning, heartstrings pull a song that brings the sky into my heart.

Flower-child swathes herself

Starlight grazes my aurora spirit, reveries silken in the gauze of soul's palette--tints of dawn's melody and solace of darkness trace.

Journey of shared tears
A path of forgotten love--
Heartbeat of my dreams.

#haibun, #haiga, #haiku

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