“Sometimes The News” Tanka 2447

(August 21, 2019)

sometimes the news not

enough to trigger response

of “pen to notebook”

so, then, I hum a few bars

of ‘are you, please, open yet?’*

*(Kentucky mid-30s lady found and arrested after she breaks into a bar in a small town just outside Lexington where she helped herself to a few drinky-poos prior to the po-po’s arrival. Regular opening hour: Eight Ahay Em – must consider moving there, though one Titusville gin-mill catering to cops, fire-fighters and gruntled and dis-gruntled city hall denizens used to open at 7 a.m. Woulda stayed there but the bar moved a few blocks more North and West and was too far to crawl back to the newspaper office. The City Beat and Cop-Shop reporters never believed me when I told them “just go to the bar at 4 p.m. to catch the early arrivals and departures. The reason I got told so much was I made it a policy never to take notes when there was beer still in the glass in front of me. Some of the guys figured out soon enough a shot or two of Old Bushmill’s Irish did not provide un-preferred anonymity or dis-memory. But those two reporters still did not translate “Capias” and “Ad Valorem” from The Latin in their reporting, though I figured that was the best way to keep their editors sober and awake. Go Figure. Jefferson (Thomas) was not right when he posited: Of the two, a Free Press or A Representative Republican Democracy, which is more important? Answer: neither! Free Stuff will corrode both. Every Time Tried.)

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