“Slur on Eggs, Scots” Tanka 2448

(August 21, 2019)

Egg MacMuffin* slur

on both sides the equation 0

‘wich main and nation!

that’s just an at-best poor egg

which no honest scot would eat!

*(It’s their pickles which most put me off: neither an honest cut of just dill nor a crinkled “version” of semi-kosher). As for ‘The Meat” I gladly would munch a Hardee’s single or a Royal Asshole*(Castle to some) or Krystal but when combined with an honest French Fried Potato – there, I’ve done honor to first Democrat Thomas Jefferson who swiped that and many other good stuff Frog – I will bow down to Stook-n-Shook and not just because What-A-Burger got lost in its lite peregrination from SOBT (South Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando at last report) in its latest reinCarnation (semi-pun intended) as just another hamburger chain trying to battle Randolph(I decline to aspersion-cast on the name of a good neighbor Ronald herewith) & The King for the hearts and minds of America’s infant-demanded version of pre-masticatedness.)

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