“Silly Season’s Theoretical Second”

(August 21, 2019)

“Silly Season”* is

Sanity’s nano-second

‘twixt federal votes!

*(Some say a nano is mega-years too long to give the guys and gals elected to entertain us with antics dire and foul which would get them arrested for development anwhere else outside state capitals and county seats and most cityhalls, but I have faith in our Disreputitives and Slimators. And often with able desists and dements from The Last Light House on Land protecting honest citizens from Swamp-A-Topia, what would get them all arrested foraforesaid developmental purposes elsewhere only merits brief mention by a mostly even-worse press – though with newsprint seemingly no longer threatening our nation’s forests, one must point out much of the credit goes to a flagging foul-mouth ‘lectronic media instead, maintaining the tradition of Leading The Way To Perdition)

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