“On Reading A Few Pages*”

(August 20, 2019)

bit off a small piece

this book and I must read on

it’s not compulsion!**

*(Marlo Morgan’s Mutant Message Down Under, though in her title the words Down Under printed upside down. Whatever you do today make finding out if Amazon or any other sellers of books – this’un’s copyrighted 1991 and 1994: ISBN 0-06-017192-8. It is claimed by the author as fiction and she recanted somewhat – she had no purse with money and ID, no notebook, no camera, no clothes or jewlery or shoes which was not burned up by the small Australian Aborigine tribe (group) which said they had heard her call and were there to test her and if she passed to take her on a Walkabout across that continent country. The group provided a wrap but no shoes. She put the rock (pebble) she picked up – “to save her life” and placed it En Cleavage for easy-of-carry and off she eventually went, an American Citizen with bills to pay, a hotel where she left her other clothes and stuff without a time-specific checkout, in a foreign land with a foreign people – even in that land they were foreign mostly to all others there, with only a return plane ticket to America at the hotel – I have three other still-in-need-of-reading books already opened which will go a-begging to get my soft-cover Harper Perennial first edition I found at the Sanford annex of the Seminole County library bargain bin for $10 cents. Damn. I coulda just passed it by and had my rigid schedule still maintainable…)

**(I recommend few books here. This is Not A Recommend! It Is A DEMAND-Comend!!)

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