“Judy (In Disguise)?”

(August 21. 2-19)

last disguise” pop-song

“Judy-in-disguise (with glasses)

did not stop Acid!

*(Lucy-In-The Skies by The Beatles magically disappeared in 1968 from the juke joints in Jacksonville, North Carolina, just outside the Main Gate to the massive U. S. Marine Corps East Coast infantry division and Camp Geiger Infantry Training Regiment (a grunt post-boot camp training ground named for a famed Marine Aviator who took command of a mistake by both the army and Marines of one of both outfits’ final Pacific Theater landings…how cool is that? No official – or even scuttlebutt comments about why the LSD-version by Them Bugs just disappeared. One theory abides with another old Marine Corps command decision (Navy, too!). In the 1950s they paid off their men in $2 bills to teach local officials and merchants just how much military goodwill means to a local economy, even in down-spending peacetime. But sometimes, you filthy lucre-guys can carry The Profit Motive just a bit too far: now leave our young troops alone with your newly popular drug culture! Got That, Sherlock? Like most – if not all, so far at least – great attempts to separate Marines from their reality distortion, the effort to drown both Lucy and Judy mostly failed due to lifesavers.)

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