“On Reading A Few Pages*”

(August 20, 2019)

bit off a small piece

this book and I must read on

it’s not compulsion!**

*(Marlo Morgan’s Mutant Message Down Under, though in her title the words Down Under printed upside down. Whatever you do today make finding out if Amazon or any other sellers of books – this’un’s copyrighted 1991 and 1994: ISBN 0-06-017192-8. It is claimed by the author as fiction and she recanted somewhat – she had no purse with money and ID, no notebook, no camera, no clothes or jewlery or shoes which was not burned up by the small Australian Aborigine tribe (group) which said they had heard her call and were there to test her and if she passed to take her on a Walkabout across that continent country. The group provided a wrap but no shoes. She put the rock (pebble) she picked up – “to save her life” and placed it En Cleavage for easy-of-carry and off she eventually went, an American Citizen with bills to pay, a hotel where she left her other clothes and stuff without a time-specific checkout, in a foreign land with a foreign people – even in that land they were foreign mostly to all others there, with only a return plane ticket to America at the hotel – I have three other still-in-need-of-reading books already opened which will go a-begging to get my soft-cover Harper Perennial first edition I found at the Sanford annex of the Seminole County library bargain bin for $10 cents. Damn. I coulda just passed it by and had my rigid schedule still maintainable…)

**(I recommend few books here. This is Not A Recommend! It Is A DEMAND-Comend!!)

“Sometimes The News” Tanka 2447

(August 21, 2019)

sometimes the news not

enough to trigger response

of “pen to notebook”

so, then, I hum a few bars

of ‘are you, please, open yet?’*

*(Kentucky mid-30s lady found and arrested after she breaks into a bar in a small town just outside Lexington where she helped herself to a few drinky-poos prior to the po-po’s arrival. Regular opening hour: Eight Ahay Em – must consider moving there, though one Titusville gin-mill catering to cops, fire-fighters and gruntled and dis-gruntled city hall denizens used to open at 7 a.m. Woulda stayed there but the bar moved a few blocks more North and West and was too far to crawl back to the newspaper office. The City Beat and Cop-Shop reporters never believed me when I told them “just go to the bar at 4 p.m. to catch the early arrivals and departures. The reason I got told so much was I made it a policy never to take notes when there was beer still in the glass in front of me. Some of the guys figured out soon enough a shot or two of Old Bushmill’s Irish did not provide un-preferred anonymity or dis-memory. But those two reporters still did not translate “Capias” and “Ad Valorem” from The Latin in their reporting, though I figured that was the best way to keep their editors sober and awake. Go Figure. Jefferson (Thomas) was not right when he posited: Of the two, a Free Press or A Representative Republican Democracy, which is more important? Answer: neither! Free Stuff will corrode both. Every Time Tried.)

“Silly Season’s Theoretical Second”

(August 21, 2019)

“Silly Season”* is

Sanity’s nano-second

‘twixt federal votes!

*(Some say a nano is mega-years too long to give the guys and gals elected to entertain us with antics dire and foul which would get them arrested for development anwhere else outside state capitals and county seats and most cityhalls, but I have faith in our Disreputitives and Slimators. And often with able desists and dements from The Last Light House on Land protecting honest citizens from Swamp-A-Topia, what would get them all arrested foraforesaid developmental purposes elsewhere only merits brief mention by a mostly even-worse press – though with newsprint seemingly no longer threatening our nation’s forests, one must point out much of the credit goes to a flagging foul-mouth ‘lectronic media instead, maintaining the tradition of Leading The Way To Perdition)

“Judy (In Disguise)?”

(August 21. 2-19)

last disguise” pop-song

“Judy-in-disguise (with glasses)

did not stop Acid!

*(Lucy-In-The Skies by The Beatles magically disappeared in 1968 from the juke joints in Jacksonville, North Carolina, just outside the Main Gate to the massive U. S. Marine Corps East Coast infantry division and Camp Geiger Infantry Training Regiment (a grunt post-boot camp training ground named for a famed Marine Aviator who took command of a mistake by both the army and Marines of one of both outfits’ final Pacific Theater landings…how cool is that? No official – or even scuttlebutt comments about why the LSD-version by Them Bugs just disappeared. One theory abides with another old Marine Corps command decision (Navy, too!). In the 1950s they paid off their men in $2 bills to teach local officials and merchants just how much military goodwill means to a local economy, even in down-spending peacetime. But sometimes, you filthy lucre-guys can carry The Profit Motive just a bit too far: now leave our young troops alone with your newly popular drug culture! Got That, Sherlock? Like most – if not all, so far at least – great attempts to separate Marines from their reality distortion, the effort to drown both Lucy and Judy mostly failed due to lifesavers.)

“Slur on Eggs, Scots” Tanka 2448

(August 21, 2019)

Egg MacMuffin* slur

on both sides the equation 0

‘wich main and nation!

that’s just an at-best poor egg

which no honest scot would eat!

*(It’s their pickles which most put me off: neither an honest cut of just dill nor a crinkled “version” of semi-kosher). As for ‘The Meat” I gladly would munch a Hardee’s single or a Royal Asshole*(Castle to some) or Krystal but when combined with an honest French Fried Potato – there, I’ve done honor to first Democrat Thomas Jefferson who swiped that and many other good stuff Frog – I will bow down to Stook-n-Shook and not just because What-A-Burger got lost in its lite peregrination from SOBT (South Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando at last report) in its latest reinCarnation (semi-pun intended) as just another hamburger chain trying to battle Randolph(I decline to aspersion-cast on the name of a good neighbor Ronald herewith) & The King for the hearts and minds of America’s infant-demanded version of pre-masticatedness.)