Wher’er we go mankind unkind…And we have so many empty cans hanging out unfulfilled. At the bottom of/ Wekiva River poking/ from eel grass coke can* Wekiva River one of the nation’s first Wild and Scenic River designees: I used to drink sweet clean water just above its crystal sand worn away by the Appalachian Mountains eons past and by the time I was 20 oil gunk from two-cycle outboard motors coated much of the waving-in-the-steady spring-fed flow’s eel grass was a coating of gasoline-and oil but it took decades to add lesions and carbuncles to the many formerly fine and tasty panfish and just up the flats over heart-rock coquina shells fused with just a mite of sand lunker largemouth bass would compete with great blue heron and egrets and the occasional osprey for a take-your-heart outta-your-chest-and-put-it-in-your-mouth ageless natural survival vignette.

Cat Nap Revue

Mount Everest
now taller than before
under all that trash

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