“You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream”

(August 1, 2019)

bitterness defined

as what’s best with some peach-ment

pairing of I-Screams!*

*(And you perhaps though this was about a favorite Summer dessert. After a time of nothing palatable but ice cream at the 7th Marines’ Landing Zone Baldy messhall, I have come to the conclusion that, given time and sufficient pangs, I can eat – and enjoy rice – ice cream again. Now, as to flavor: does the notion of Im(Peach)ment double-scoops a la “The Babbling Brook Siostahs” hold any appeal? Facing that option, I believe I can now handle the two tubs of peanut butter and grape jelly at the end of the line at that fabled mess hall where one always must wear a full blouse (camouflage jacket) to so dine in fly-blown dis(comfort). The few sound- and sand-bites suffered from the recent Democratic Party showcases (debates, they are not! Abraham and Stephen debated: this was a pig-squealing contest, not a series of reasoned verbal explorations amongst political opponents proved at least to me our nation is safe once again from Representative Constitutional government. The flavor remains DeMoCra-Cy! And when finally we get to hear – and see if one must! – the two national parties do the same thing next year I will dig into my “stacks” to find the famed Lincoln-Douglass series of set-tos and whist fondly over better tries during even more trying times.)

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