“Five-Part ‘Summer’ Series”*

(August 1, 2019)

*(This begins – in reverse order – a five-part series of haiku twisting a “take” on Summer.)

“Summer Is A Kiss”

Summer is a try

on a sevens rugby pitch

or a first kiss*

“Summer Is A Kiss”

*(Summr is a try

on a sevens rugby pitch

or a movie kiss* –

(Steve McQueen-Faye Dunaway – The Thomas Crown Affair)

“Summer Is A Bounce”

Summer is a ball

fighting limps from over-bounce

at a too-soft bank

“Summer is A When”

Summer is a when

the shock of why am I here

answered in wet sand

“Summer Is A Name”

Summer is a name

when parents’ plans project past

teenage fantasies

“Summer Is A Place”

Summer is a place

when always you can get help

with watermelon!

*(Okay, some of you mathematicians may have counted six: but the image of that movie poster kiss convinced a shy teen to see what was all the fuss…and was glad he did.)

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