“Molten Onion At ‘The Market’

(August 26, 2019)

molten onion melts

:right through a grin-silly tongue”

‘Market’s’ onion rings!

*(The first state farmer’s market opened in Sanford, Florida early last century. It’s Market Restaurant has undergone many iterations and remains a go-to not just for truckers and produce people but all who worship at the altar of good chuck=beef hamburger, golden hot-as-sin fries and glorious melty-middle of onion goodeness onion rings encapsulated with sound-appeal crunch.)


First found on twitter…liked it then and loved it even more now. Do ‘The Birds’ know cat has an accomplice? And is that sound soul willing to continue “gatekeeper” duty to protect his proprietary rights to continue mining the messages? Have you checked recently for additional strings from shoulders, knees, ankles, etc? Is robin in cahoots with cat – and for what purpose? America – nay! The Universe – wants to know. I have money down on Swagger The Cat!

Cat Nap Revue

cat chats up
robins outside the window
hey, I’m a Virgo, too!

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“DerDarCalen?” Tanka 2454

(August 26, 2019)


I march past The Lees of life

as you count them

“Dee” named storm facing septemb er

six decades past ’twas ever

*(Labor Day, 1960. Donna delivered a Sanford “Eye” overnight and overhead. Was 140-16 mph at Tampa. Adventures for us kids. Too young to be smart, too sheltered to be scared. Too busy to notice adults furtive glances after the power went out, This little Calendar Moment was brought to you by: The Next Three Months.)

“Two-Price Piety”

(August 26, 2019)

pious* may pay twice

public and private – who says

which coin comes harder?

*(Recent government and court rulings put The Faithful on notice…pick your own favorite tale of woe. Has any one noticed how fare The Craft and the others? Or is just Judaeo-Christianity center-stage? (Originally typed center-state instead of center stage: and I think my typer-fingers know best in this case.)