“While Listening To Janis*”

(July 27, 2019)

will take long version

of this so-familiar song

cause ‘sue-cide’ ain’t cool!

*(Considering it all while taking a list of all the talented people who deliberately did themselves in – drugs, drink, car-wrecks, shotguns and slit-up wrists and get a mite bit pissed off over what they left undone and me bereft…or is it that I’ve just too little imagination? And that doesn’t even count “slow suicide” smoking an suchlike.)

“I Grow Old Without*”

(July 27, 2019)\

I grow old without

much like I stayed young, although

the middle still fun

*(After two days, this’un’s still amuses. I still wonder should I eliminate the comma in line two? And in line three I switched out “was” for “still.” And I’ve yet to decide just what the typist did when he encountered the unmasked scribbler.)

“Dem-Crat Dissimulation*” Tanka 2411

(July 28, 2019)

“Gun Rights” Typical

dem-crat dissimulation:

they just want ’em ALL!


second ‘mendment does not grant

me ‘gun rights:’ that came before!*

*(No amount of useless words can best these: “Congress Shall Make No Law…” Unfortunately, too many so-called conservatives yield to “pressure” to apply “common sense” to an explicit right recognized as God-given. And, yes, I do get a mite extreme about this: If I can pick it up and go somewhere with it it is a “borne arm(ament)” and I have the right granted me by my Deity and my constitution so to carry. Until SCOTUS gets its head out and recognizes abridgment of any part of my Second Amendment rights is unconstitutional I am forced to comply with an corruption of my First Freedom…the one that guarantees all the other freedoms.)