“The Trained Eyes Lie*”v2

(July 20, 2019)

never look ‘the eyes’

but scan footprints, bank statements

if you would have truth

*(Long, long ago, she looked at me – whimsical I believe – and said, “J, I can’t tell when you are lying to me anymore.” I delayed the fist-pump and urgent yell (if sotto voce a yell nonetheless) “Yesss!” All it took was years of dedicated practice: sit up straight, look right into the eyes and lean just a slight bit forward and make sure the lie was based in truth; the worse the truth the the more you included: an absolute truth told with sincerity which was ‘out of character’ from the viewpoint of the listener would be put down to a well-polished lie. When I told my mother this a couple of decades down the road almost got a swat on the arm as I gently patted her shoulderblade. What I got was a slight snort, a gleam in both eyes and a crinkled smile. I wonder if my brothers ever similarly confessed.)

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