“Nothing, Not Dead-Day”

(July 20, 2019)

‘nother not-dead day

was near only those three times*

movie continues

*(Terrible at math: 1. the freak wave at the DelMarVa Peninsula when – still wearing diapers, according to Mom, I tried to go swim The Atlantic and caught a facefull of wave and painted myself a mite blue; 2. a whole bunch of other times including a vitamin B-complex absorption difficulty at 2 which prompted Navy Doctors to say: take the lad back to your home in The Bronx and see what docs there can do (an old Jewish refugee – 1939 – doc in Mom’s neighborhood had the solution found in a Bayer lab just before World War II’s start was just one of the brushes with eternity about which they knew and I wasn’t telling any others for fear of restrictions; and, 3, being inside the explosive cone of events 9 December 1970. All subsequent “brushes” pretty much fell into the category of Number 2 – what chewdoankno won’t scare ya, guys.)

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