“From An Honest Oklahoman*”

(July 16, 2019)

I’m not a member

of an organized party:

I’m a democrat!

\*(Will Rogers – well might be shocked out of that stance should he return today and see just what kind of “Organized” Party to which he attached his famous name. Today’s Democrats are organized and dangerous and have a lot of muscle hanging around…but this time in black shirts with masks and hoods….hmmm)

“It Ain’t ‘Pull My Finger’ Time*”

(July 17, 2019)

pull my pony tail

get a face-full of mad me:

that’s conservative!

*(Just a thought which occurred to me as I watched someone trying to get another’s attention by pulling on his shirt-tail. Which is yet another reason why I recommend to the guy who keeps climbing into my mirror back there in that room to keep all his short fuses wet.)

“A John Kennedy* Observation)

(July 17, 2019)

‘They’re responsible

shampoo comes with directions”

only Four Guesses!

*(This U. S. Senator John Kennedy (Rep-La) is a Louisiana commentarian of some capital note. His observation that The Squad (of Democrat self-anointed women of color representatives were a good reason shampoo bottles came with directions perhaps may have been a bit lofty in aim-point for these serious players in the game of race, religion and politicks (“k” intentional!), but the drippingly sarcastic scorn cleared any landing-field haze, I am sure.)