And, yes, we do have Florida Black Bear (but at 300 pounds of so the biggest. However, they’ve muchly gone trash-can and open-garage or -car diving vice berry picking, since even our severe winters give but brief naps and berry-ing time well past the Spring “Thaw.” What we watch wen we see ripe berries – blue or rabbit-eye blue and blackberries is rattlers twined amongst the lusciousness, awaiting the impudent bird. My non-smoker nose is most useful detecting the odor of reptile, even when perched just above the Florida HighBush blueberry – such a succulence! – waiting a short fall to take an impudent mocking bird or bluejay. But if you walk slowly and make lots of noise the snakes – and even a few rooting feral hots will fly and let you eat your way full in order to gather enough for an honest cobbler with a few pints for waffles or pancakes and suchlike. I like the idea of paintballing the bushes to draw the snakes to capture…but long ago I realized selling rattlers to venom-milkers to produce anti-venin (and, yes, the spelling IS different and annoying when media makes its usual mistakes) to let the critters continue off-season work as rat and mice control devices. I have yet to encounter a poisonous snake in the wild while working – but still I wear long, double-thick jeans and snakeboots, with gloves and a 6-foot plus former cypress sapling walking stick-tree. A nice bit of memory as our berry season done for the eyar. Now we have true wetseason to enjoy in which seeing snakes swimming away is fine, but the ones swimming toward you mostly are dangerous cotton-mouth Water Moccasins.

Cat Nap Revue

berries on the bush
means beware of bears
the old paintball gun

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