“Divine Favor Not Always Assured” Tanka 2395

(July 5, 2019)

republics like ours –

so far all have had limited

“life expectancies”

do the math – two hundred plus

is ours evidence of more*

(Discounting the self-named “republics” which were but holding companies for Dictatorships – both in Athens and Rome – the lifespan of what we have come to call a “republic” in our form – that is, a democratically elected representative democracy (and there are damn few examples from which to draw data – and constitutional monarchies do not count!) – do not last much past the second decade of their 200th year. Now, as we broach the midpoint of a half-way mark toward a third century we are beset – it seems, as usual – by so-called popular movements to turn The United States away from its constitutional form. Hell. That’s been happening, actually, almost since the start: perhaps we should rename The Constitution to “The Suggestion – But Don’t Hold Us To It!” instead? Socialism is the flavor of the century – and perhaps beyond. The only comfort is that Socialists are far more screwed up and if possible even more corrupt than constitutional republicans! One wonders if that is by accident or Divine Intervention. Never ascribe to some higher power – or even coincidence – what can be explained by simple greed-borne stupidity, however. And, surely, we have all the examples of such higher brain functions littered along the dustbin path we are pleased to call “history.” But, I rather like the notion of an occasionally active God – taking a break at the 10th Celestial Tee to look around past the fairway as it were – tweaking and poking things His Way. The chip shots and long putts he leaves to us. Better sharpen your spikes, Constitutionalists, despite the forecast this coming midterm it again will be – in the words of the immortal ever-punditing wag-mouths, “The Most Important Election Ever!” and we all had best get on the stick and stay there right past the last call at the Electoral College. Shenanigans are sure to be afoot, and so must we! The God Helps Those…adage applies.)

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