“Hepatitis A Is Found…”

(July 1, 2019)

typhus, hepatitus*

just the first steps in death dance

among our homeless

*(Hepatitis A is but one of the many diseases found amongst our homeless populations and in Florida – and in Seminole County where I live – Hepatitis A is in outbreak status. It’s a potential killer disease. It is spread by many means but most commonly by contamination with fecal matter…the other ways are best described by a trained health care professional and you might be snacking while you read so I will not make it tougher on your Doritos. Hep A can be prevented by getting a shot and a booster shot six months later, and is best prevented by washing your hands every time after you have a bowel movement – for those of you born in big cities that means “poop.” I got my booster a few days ago and I wash my hands every time I think I just passed a bathroom. Go call or stop by your county health department and find out about your inoculation status and check out the available literature. And, By The Way: guess who generally does not have much in the way of good hygenic capabilities and carries quite a few bugs and such when they come into The United States. No guesses. You already know.)