“Naive So Balanced” Tanka 2385

(June 29, 2019)

naive so balanced

such a useful word – or dodge –

useful distraction

‘nother way to say: honest

but watch those two ‘balls’ above!*

*(Still unable so far to find the way back to a formatting which will allow me to use full diacritical template to spell “Naive” properly. I will continue the search: meanwhile must – by choice – finish up June’s entries. When I switched to the newer format it seems my ability to navigate between the old and new formats has gone South – again.)

“When Dark Days Devour” Tanka 2386

(July 1, 2019)*

always assign best

when dark days devour the sun

to watch over ‘six’

rotate this duty for all

remember: you’re one in charge

*(Woke from early afternoon nap the day before July when stormclouds came by promising a full dump and I chewed over the haiku a little but not seriously. Then, past midnight the month during which I take all sixty-two watch-sweeps o’ the clock to celebrate my not-yet demise, I saw flashes through the picture window and heard tympani in deep register: reminding me to reach for notebook and pen…and the windup sidewinder one-diode light by which to scribble. This was one of my first lessons in how to become “unrookie” and get the FNG off my face. Thanks, Smitty! I’d love to have been able to share some fine hootch, but I doubt I’ll be allowed to tote that 21-year Irish single malt past death’s door.)