“Tardy Laundry Won’t Even Try (To Do Itself)!” Tanka 2382

(June 25, 2019)

eating book-a-day

good brain-sweat -but now must face

pork roast, collards, beans

while four loads laundry does my

penance* for rain-days delays

*(I could use the can’t hang clothes in the rain dodge, but there’s this electric dryer right beside the clothes wet-beater right beside and the no-need to kneel and slap a wet rock excuse further worsen my plight. That’s why Deity delivered more than one seabag full of skivvies and sundry shorts and shirts, so I could drop unspendable dimes on myself. And, don’t non of you come by toting a laundry drying carousel by the house anytime this – of even a next – life. I’ll just chop a few more twiggy leafy branches on some of the tall shurbs growing around the front door. Only reason I shy from doing the hasty-line-thing route to dry such is three-many spares and the fear that I will strangle J walking about early-dark-thirty looking for where to dump the banana peels.)

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