“The Rainbow Trout…Wow!”

(June 21, 2019)

Patrick was the first

then Christina said ‘The Trout!’

now Theo grins, too!*

*(Just finished my Trip Advisor update on The Rainbow Trout (and else!) review of Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Cafe. It’s awaiting final review of the review…long piece which finishes near enough with the new trio of mouse(s?) as house-made dessert additions, amidst too few lines about what’s ongoing at the house that built Sanford (it seems). Willow Tree is building new bathrooms and its new “bar/lounge” at the corner of First Street and Magnolia (Avenue) Square, not to mention the elevator inside going not to just the second-floor planned banquet spaces but the long-dreamt-of rooftop beer garden.) Stop and ask Mrs. Hollerbach-Simmons (Christina will do) when she has a spare half-second to tell you in greater detail. The old beloved copper-top bar will be replaced with more seating; the new bar will move closer to Magnolia and the new bathrooms are sure to please – especially the ladies – will be just behind where Jimmy and Eckhart now cavort and entertain. And – yea! – the kitchen gets more room, too! I am sure before October the triumverate Hollerbach (Christina and mom-n-pop Linda and Theo) will designate one – at least! – employee to go bout conducting mini-tours and render explanations to one and all – sundries included! Psst’ Keep this Sotto Voce, okay: maybe Christina can convince hubby Matthew to be the one conducting the tours. Don’t tell anyone I so suggested. Okay?)