“Fifty-Plus Years Ago Now Again”

(June 19, 2019)

a big say goodbye

rain noon-on and dry days come

as they will on-off

twenty-degrees rain wind-chill*

twilight-dust and sweet mold-scents

*(From 95 degrees Fahrenheit or nearabouts as not matters in a matter of hours after blinding slanting thunder rain before near fifty-mile-an-hour rains temperatures drop to 75 – and lower. Only other place such drastic temp-drops in the high jungle fastness of the Anamite Corderilla – more specifically the Que Son Mountains, West and Southwest of Danang. High Summer 100 percent humidity and 85 temps turn to 100 percent humidity and 65 and even 55 degree nights. Not frostbite, exactly, but there were cases of exposure.)

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