“Cemetary Dirt Just Too Rich” Tanka 2366

(June 19, 2019)

in the long strange days

when The Dead were afforded

their own real estate

more and more just say ‘burn me!’

urn gets its own patch-o-dust!*

*(For a brief time when each token of animation got its own lot in the past-partytime village hereabouts even then there were devotees of cremation and in some places family sepulchers sometimes found the next one in got “Over Uncle John” treatments more common to our sentiments from the catacombs of Paris or Rome. And, now, with urban sprawl and the lawyerly eyes lustlooking at all that greensward with stones thrust up – and in more modern villages just polished granite plagues laid flush to accommodate the lawnmowers – a why not consolidate the smaller family-sized cemeteries to make more appropriate – their words, not mine! – use of the land. And one can smell the mind-grease burning here: why not stack-n-packs, and besides we do halloween not day-of-th’-dead and all that beautiful undeveloped land is just so, so funereal standing without a seven-eleven or a bank drive-thru. We could build one-room condos right over there and when the owner dies, just pluck the condo from the stack and put it in the no-party zone stack, no? Don’t laugh. Give yourself apoplexy that way, and then where would you be…waitin’ on line for your new ‘fordable handy-dandy one-room condo-cutie right over there where Woodlawn Used To NotBe.)

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