“Does This Help…Or, Frighten?” Tanka 2357

(just give up…control

and we make life easier

says the commercial

we will remember for you

just tell us (please) all you are*

*(A pitch for a new security service, I think, that will do for you what you do not do for you. Birthdays? Gottem in the bag – yours, theirs, gottem all; we will do all the stuff you forget and we never will fail not to forget. We will take care of all those trying, trivial items you are too busy, too bored, to whateveritis to do for yourself. Thass right, just lift that right – oh, that’s right your left-handed! – left leg and lean a bit forward. We had a new servo arm installed right back over by the – Europeans call them water closets – tank with the proper abount of tissue already pre-selected based on what you want, what you like and how many trees remain in the forest.

When Comfort, Convenience and Correctness collide: we have just the thing for you. We know how you like it: how your best blankie fits and where you like it all done up: folded left to right with it loose on top and snug-to-near-tight at the toes. Just tell us once and we’ll do it all. We have Your Number.)

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