“All We Are Asking” Tanka 2360

(June 14, 2019)

all we are asking:

come to the front door and say –

we want to be you!

learn english, constitution;

ahead of us ‘naturals!’*

*(Yeah! we natural-born citizens got it rough. We do not know our laws nor even our heritage – ya see, we elected people who culled all that out of our “free” public education. But so far we still have the requirements (hah!) that newcomers wanting citizenship have to learn all that U.S. History and Constitution stuff and speak, read and write in English so’s they can become us, too. Not a bad deal. Al we really have to do is find a way to cut out those who would cut in front of the line – with the help of some jackals calling they-selves coyote – and learn to say NO to baby born here grants citizenship if from illegal parents, end chain-citizenship/migration (keep the marriage option but still check back to make sure, and require self-supporting.)

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