“Not A Rock-Song, No, Indeedy”

(June 13, 2019)

Standing at Heaven’s

Door*, but no ‘Pete’ on Duty:

it’s the ‘Li’Berry’

(A quaint ‘Southernism,’ Li-berry – at least one hopes the language has not got universality. Some of the nicest, more-educated and most-sophisticated and ethnically- and culturally-diverse use the – what is it? contraction? colloquialism? – “word.” I just use the library and patiently await the ‘lectric-eye door to recognize it’s 9 a.m. and J wants in. A parade of bright, helpful and eager people await on the other side of the glass to allow entry – sinless or no allowed, but behavior inside “inside,” please. Since I outgrew toddle-shorts I have walked the mile or so to Sanford (Florida’s) libraries – early when it was but the city depository and much later county-systamatized when I returned from gaggling-lolly about this ever-entrancing world though often dowdy or less in appearance, it is a refuge, a repository and taxpayer-provided air-conditioning during our nine-months – and often more – of effective Summer hereabouts. Besides, books are a wonderful device to distract and dodge when encountering ill-pleasant people: carry a thick paperback – when confronted by a mugger or merely another city councilman, toss it high in the air: their eyes will follow and you then may affect an escape, should you so choose. Other options: chakra-swipes or jabs with book-spines – especially if it’s a great book and you just have to know what comes next…)


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