)June 9, 2019)


or: how I set fun hate fires

‘mongst media ‘lastics*

*(‘lastics: Plastics. The most plastic of people, able to fit into any role by any route. Like the fireman or volunteer firefighter (see: I managed to fit plastically into both sides of whaddayoucall’em) who get off being a hero so they set small and sometimes larger fires and either report those fires or fight them – sometimes both – and get all the accolades. Works with health-car professionals, too. Well, journalists are past-masters of the practice of inventing a story and selling it to their fellows who go on to stir up the populace and eventually, give that guy a statue or a plaque and say “my what a jolly good reporter.)

“It Just Seems So Perfect!”

(June 10, 20919)

June “Straight Pride” Parade

may put the laugh back in “gay”

causes bru-ha-ha!*

*(Boston application to hold a Straight Pride Parade during what now seems so “traditional” as Gay Pride Month – Even Disney expanded its Gay Day to Gay Days! – and the mayor of that most Catholic community that feted Ted Kennedy and more reprobates than could fit on an old British Tea Ship is most incensed. Why, the sheer affrontery of having a parade celebrating heterosexuality! Just frosts The Brahmins! Bet The Combat Zone is all agog! Bet The Queens want to rally the troops to repulse- if not accost (sorry Jim, I hadda stretch to get that reference aboard, even if I did not include the last “a” or the hispanic given moniker) those foul rebels. Bet other cities ’round the nation get the joke and climb aboard.)