“Mistaken Non-dentity”

(June 5, 2019)

old man hunched over

funereal signs, reading

no – just sun-slants now*

*(Under a quartering afternoon sun, the shades and splashes of diffuse graying light, the signposts along Veterans Memorial Park’s “memory pavers” depicting various signposts of Sanford’s Martial History, stretching back to honor one Revolutionary War sergeant to much more recent times, both living and dead, looks like an old man hunched over a lectern reading as he peers across the slender greensward wherein the names of many of the town’s veterans from all its wars and peacetime services are inscribed, and each Memorial Day after the parade people come to honor those who’ve gone and recognize those who yet remain. The angle of the sun sometimes from across the street, perched high on the concrete slab under City Hall were a few benches proved a shaded vantage, illusions such as old men reading pages to the planted sometimes may arise. It gets hot and buggy out early this time of year, and memorial day speakers self-leash their enthusiasms. Besides downtown has a softer slant wherein sodas, suds, sandwiches and such are to be found for the sweltering celebrants.)

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