“Frog Hallelujah Chorus”

(June 7, 2019)

frog hallelujah

chorus comes sounding with rain

love is in the air*

*(Orlando-Sanford International Airport reports .66-of-an-inch of rain yesterday afternoon and evening, though I suspect a bit more my-patch. However, what fell was more than enough for our gray frogs who have supplanted our diminutive green tree-frogs. But there Cuban cousins do croak their happy delight over the wet-stuff. They began their near non-stop serenade about twilight, hoping to woo a prospective gal-pal to their piece of water, thereby to amorously spread procreation’s pursuit. Never yet have I wondered if some of the bigger hoppers would taste as good as a bullfrog – and for the same reason I have not delved into Taiwan’s offerings of its version of escargot: I stick with what I know when it comes to victualizing arthropods (and else). But I do like the charm – however cacophonous at times – of a Perry Como Chorus in a rain barrel.)

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