“Divine Words – Man’s: Meaning – His!”

James paid to fare

and got more than he wanted –

some words his: more not!

*(Kim James of England funded the translation of the Latin bible into English and the stories abounded ’bout the subtle linguistic bends crafted to help reinforce the ruling classes’ divine rights to position and power, but could not escape in either Testament The Author’s stark message of The Believer and The Eye of The Needle, among just a few messages of hope and salvation. I still prefer The King James’ Version of The Bible to any of the newer, simpler and more-easily understood versions now abounding. Not just the language and its flow, but I rather like the notion of working for my meanings. My confirmation pastor said he rather liked the Greek and Aramaic. The mid-20th Century discoveries in the caves above QumRan in Jordan have just about all been translated and are out and – typical of human affairs – shed as much ambiguity and shadow and certainty and light. When – okay, if – I get the right computer literacy and perhaps more importantly t he right computer maybe then I can input all the words of good men and God and let the answers spill forth: but I got a feeling the waterfall still will leave questions. That’s where the towel of Faith comes into play.)