“The Way You Walk…”

(June 3, 2019)

the way you walk tells

three truths – all of them useless

for application*

*(The way I walk was brought home to me a few years ago: a lady friend with whom I had had not contact for the past decade or so provided the insight. She tapped me on the shoulder one day in a downtown swirling pedestrian scene – by the expedient of a long-armed reach an a readiness to retreat quickly. When I whirled and for a moment did not recognize my assailant, she laughed: “Yep. J, alright! I could tell it was you by the way you walked. No one else walks like that!” Sandy was right, apparently: no one else walks like that, unless you count Marine Corps recon or infantry point-walkers or U. S. Army Rangers. I first read about “that kind of walking” as a pre-teen reading Kenneth Roberts’ Northwest Passage in which was published for me Major Robert Rogers’ “Rules for Rangers,” in which walking was a primary point of discussion. I switched for the usual toes-out almost duck-walk design to a slightly toe-in or more usually straight-ahead format and noticed in the sandy tracks of my childhood dirt- and clay-roads how much more efficient and ground-covering way I now was walking. It also later paid dividends on carrying nearly my own – sometimes in excess – weight in pack, war-gear, rifle and ammunition on just about any terrain imaginable. Walked that way at 12. Walk that way as I approach 71. Can not understand why any other.)

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