“Hot, Like To Scare Sin”

(May 26, 2019)

hot, like to scare sin

leastwise water back to air

two more – no less – weeks*

*(Evaporation, thy name is encouragement: forcing me to fetch a brand new beer – and I had only two swallers from the first one! And now I must go fetch another five-gallon bucket of rain-cistern water to douse another portion of the garden. Figure for those two beers I dumped down a gallon of water down my gullet and 10 – no! 20: used two big buckets each time! – as I shared liquid with the garden. “Jess’ practicin’ for where I go next,” I call out to the ol’e woman who walks carefully shaded portion of street to shaded-portion who calls out to me: “Whatchewdoin’ sittin’ out in this heat hot enough to scare sin, Mister J?”

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