“Has He His Hurts…”*

(May 26, 2019)

has h e h is hurts here

on the ‘fore side as proper?

not yet dead: pity?

*(Cannot under-estimate the number of ‘pressionable young boys – and now with a generation of girls gone guns and apparently unsurprising to me as well as no few others who realized long ago just which gender was meaner. All we hadda do was teach ’em teamwork and rules And we can thank Title IX for that, donchaknow? But my question now is who read those lines translated from Attic Greek to English by some bored professor in long robes near London about some Spartan mommie asking the men who bore the not-dead son home “were his hurts before him,” when, after a season or two being trenched would produce this result: A Sane Army Would Run Away!)

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