“How Much To Wash My Hog?”

(May 27, 2019)

when was the last time

someone offered to wash your hog

did they bring own soap

*(I know: middle line one syllable too long: but it’s such a cute image – this guy comes ’round with a bucket and big bristle brush and offers to give you some hogwash. Could be the start of a brand new successful industry – especially in the gated communities where such conveniences are appreciated. Boutique Hogwash Services Rendered Here!)

“First Pours”

(May 27, 2019)

I poured first swallows

for Rick, Greg at eleven

out by my worm-farm*

*(Sergeants Rick Lillie and Greg Sloat: two Combat Correspondents/Camera who died in Vietnam for the First Marine Division just after I was med-evacd. Rick and Greg bought their farms flying back from near Khe Sanh and thus were not classified Killed In Action because the helo in which they were riding did not come under enemy fire. But they were and still are my brothers nonetheless and each year when I remember I spill drops from whatever I have available for these two Marines before I take my share. Semper Fidelis! Photo from The Washington, D. C. Mall Vietnam Memorial exhibit Copyright (c) 2006 by J Kirk Richards)

“Organize? The Right?”

(May 27, 2019)

not sure I like new

movement to organize ‘Right!’:


*(Not sure if – or why – conservative-leaning Right Wing needs (or can be) organized efforts. Like when the tired television star Rowdy Yates much later in life tells Ruth why being Agnostic appeals to him: He doesn’t have to go to church.” Being an individualist means standing in the fewest lines possible.”