“Thanks For The ‘F’s’ N ‘G’s'”

(May 20, 2019)

long have i know mom

my loopy letters i sent

mylife’s reflections

*(Nearly every day of Marine Corps boot camp I managed to write a short scrawl detailing the day’s trials and tribs – triumphs less often…well, in theory at least – and then in Vietnam I managed a good bit as well but more impromptu diaristic of me so I was later told ‘pon my return from the dead she quit showing the stuff to dad as she did not want to further his nightly fears whilst watching David, Chet, Walter and Th’others ’cause he just knew those lies about sitting in front of a quonset hut’s corrugated walls back in Danang was just damn lies to beginwith. Mom knew quonset huts: she spent a hitch as wife at Quonset Point, after all. But some of the letters scared her. Shudda be there with me if you wanna know shit-slippin’ scared, lady: but I tried to keep most of that at bay – or at least in small inlet off to the side of the big body of foul water. We were told not to keep diaries. And there was tons of direct anecdotal evidence from other wars and other tribes – and this one as well – to convince me I must get right on to that writing…just as a reason to survive this shit as best I can. Of course it all was fiction: no one possibly could believe this (or that) really happened…right?)

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