“A William Gibson Character Claims Soul Slips Slower – JetLag”

(May 24, 2019)

Billy Gibson doth:

‘jet-lag’ the slow soul’s fighting

time to get you back!*

*(Kayce commenting on the true nature of jet-lag: it’s just the soul travels by air slower than the jet and that’s why you are all punked out at arrival: you still have the better part of you en route. – in Pattern Recognition. I found Neuromancer by Gibson by mistake: was hunting down Necromancer by Gordon Dickson. Thank God for mistakes (read and enjoyed both: but I found not any more Gibson since serendip slid past me 35 years ago). And then Pattern Recognition comes along right under my eyes seven novels later: I only thought I had found The Book. When “slouching toward Bethlehem” is passed off in prose like crackers hunting for cheese, you know you are mind-deep in the midst of a feast!)

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