“Pudding’s Proof Is In The Eating!”

(May 17, 2019)

pudding’s proof: eating

all else faint hyperbole

well-watered bromides*

*(Oh, why, oh why, must we continue this wreckage of The Language: The Proof of The Pudding IS IN THE EATING! And no where else! Why has the saying been so sundered and demeaned? Possibly by mischance but I suspect more nefarious ends and ways and means – some involving highly educated and well-thought-of public figures who quite possibly were taught wrong by those who learned themselves wrongly. It is simple: pudding is two-centuries ago English for dessert still in vogue there today. Quite often bread-based dessert. So, its proof – because there were addenda like bits of fruits or perhaps flying things, the rising of the dessert (pudding) could be ascertained only by the eating thereof. Simple. Only the business end of a spoon could yield a pudding’s proof. Unless one used a fangled fork, so newishly provided by a French king’s Italian wife’s chef. Or perhaps peas balanced on a knife edge (with or without mashed potato spackling at a pioneer table. Trencherman – a term of opprobrium today – meant a man with a goodly knife and spoon and skills so to use both at table where a long gouge ran perpendicular to the eater into which bread to sop the stews or juices were bottomed into trenches whereupon the food was heaped. Perhaps only by the eating of the bread ‘neath the potions above would one find a “prooved” victualization. But you hadda eat it to see! See?)