“Send Not To Ask*”

(May 21, 2019)

send not to ask

for whom the sirens scream, storm

they sound not at thee

*(With profound apology to Mr. Dunne for the appropriation but I was so fuddledbe by my brother Storm’s suggestion that the not-even-registered fire engine howling banshide scream was in my honor – and me without a spare butterfly net! to lend my captors – that I had to “huh?” The lad needs more work on his sotto eye-roll to get me into the spirit. Of course, since he trolls out in Seminole Woods where the only screams he hears are from Sandhill Cranes out on a shakedown – what? no peacocks? – that he fails to realize we “ruralified cinsitty dwellers” do data-dumps with the detritus of daily wear on aural nerve-endings.)

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