“No ‘Constable’* Billy Crapps To Keep First Street Sacrosanct!”

(May 23, 2019)

window-cruising cars

reflections flashing streetshops

until semi-‘trudes

*(When old – though a mite younger, actually – high schoolmate Billy Crapps found out how to game the system – stop the former mayor’s wifey at speed and get ‘demoted’ to walking the First Street downtown beat here in once-small Sanford for pennance like the rabbit in the briar patch, no big-rig semi-tractor-trailer would dare First Street’s sacred precincts. Like an old-fashioned love song from Simon & Garfinkle, Where Have You Gone Brother Billy, First Street’s not the same, though we have fewer if any handlers-of-pan so to balance the equation. Watching car-reflections in downtown storefront windows a pleasant morning interlude whilst awaiting the library’s opening. You up in Jaw-Gheea or hangin’ hout hin New Smyrna, Billy? Storm needs a speedin’ ticket coming down the railroad hill on Park so’s he can fee right at home.)

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