This Week’s Editors’ Choice, “Being a Bishop,” by RC DeWinter

After a dry first-run, I tried another route to this fine piece by RC DeWinter. Took the time to reread this splendid shattering of self. I am glad I went second-door to get this to my seconddary blog Commentary, Ourrages, Prose and Poetry. Primary is haiku-oriented richwrapper. Again, Eds. Panoplyzine, Thanks.

9 thoughts on “This Week’s Editors’ Choice, “Being a Bishop,” by RC DeWinter

    • have not had much time to pursue zines. Another site had problems with the reblog, then found deWinter’s bio and her non-involvement clause re: reposting her work, which is cool. But I will be stopping by on occasion to read more – not just from her but other artists, Jeff S. (and presumed minions)


    • I’m, the one who thanks you. Already got a few people who liked RC deWinter’s work which one hopes – and trusts because I just bought another box of optimism yesterday – will lead them over to you and to her.


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