Do I sense a deer-rump theme. When someone (almost always a provable accident) killed a deer on Disney World property, dad would get called out (he had one of those charming Popiele(sp?)pocket fisherman devices, too, to fish for 1-pound bass when he did the Disney canals water pumps tour, too – and somehoe he’d get one of the backstraps (fillet mignon analogs) a haunch which would include the rump (when marinaded in sour-root stock orange juice, onions and garlic) would slow-cook tender on a low-fire grill…’scuse the carnivor typing this is drooling on the keyboard – that Bambi’d forgive us both. I supplied the garlic and sometimes the sage but always the squoze sour-root orange juice and the green twigs of tree to slightly smoke the feast.

Cat Nap Revue

pink blossoms dapple
the rumps of deer
wind in the garden

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