Very nice picture, Juice. Re: earlier piece on Dear Deer Rump: neither dad nor I hunted – especially after I returned from the human hunting grounds: just too damn dangerous to selves, others and the damnfools who think an orange-colored day-glow camouflage jacket or vest looks exactly like a deer. But when one unlucky deer did fall at Disney, it was “harvested” quickly. Florida Highway Patrol – like those in many western states, harvest fresh-killed deer and other food animals and donate to outfits and food banks that cater to the needful. We have to have several deer-hunts off season in Florida, especially in habitat diminishing zones or in high-water zones which tend to send burgeoning herds through The Malthus Roof and spread diseases and other oddly but not unexpected social responses like deer going amok and running agog on residential streets and getting badly hurt in run-ins with other predatory animals than men and women driving cars. Seeing deer and the occasional bear – though our Florida Black Bear is a much smaller breed than what goes on elsewhere – suffer through starvation and/or disease makes me sometimes want to take up the device and turn it on a tree-hugger who insists “nature must take its course.” We ain’t had much nature coursing its takes even in southwest – full of wilderness by the tens of thousands of acres – Florida of early, middle or late these days. Thanks for letting me rant. I only wish we had strong enough winters to raise squirrel and wabbits…

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