“Ode On A Curled Lip” Tanka 2338

(May 11, 2019)

lip-curl half-snarl pose

convinces cancer-lover

to take puff elsewhere

not-averse to fine cigar

or a fragrant pipe – cigtrash

\*(Nothing says arrogant like a reformed anything. But I do make room on the accepted for a fragrant un-chained piece of smokery nearby. But I do have one suggestion for thems as have cigarettes to waste into perfectly already-scented air with different ideations concerning carcinogens wafting past an old wheeze on a sad horse: make ’em smoke’em naked with a ride- or walk-throw shower stall like an auto-wash (wax extra) to keep the clothes and perhaps a free tooths brushing thrown in or a dunk in mouff-wash to give the house a break, too. And, yes, I am sure some fine young and not-so lady has remarked on the quality of my ashtraykisses thrice upon a no-longer time.)

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