“Measles, Anyone?” Tanka 2337

(May 10, 2019)

measles anyone?

orange county goes up on list*

of outbreak-ready

*(In Florida Miami-Dade (County), Orange County (Orlando), Broward County (named for Napoleon Bonaparte Broward, an early governor of some dimension and repute located North of Miami) and Hillsboro County (Tampa…which means St. Petersburg in Pinellas County across the bay and down Hillsboro’s backside as well if not in the near future, East of Clearwater which some say is America’s best beach…Bushwah! Bethune Beach and its cousin New Smyrna Beach and perhaps its niece Playalinda (pretty beach) as it’s named and needs not a Beach after Playalinda just to the South in Brevard County, all are on the national measles outbreak hot list. Orlando and Miami – and probably Tampa too are so listed because of international travel air transport hubs and the curious but dangerous number of “innoculation waivers” granted people who use all kinds of reasons, some perhaps valid and others less reasoned to keep their kids off the who-got-shots list in order to take their communicable diseases to school for share and share.)

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