“Killing May Early”

(May 11, 2019)

killing may quickly

sunday-on got rains and storms

okra says: thanks!*

*(I put purloined small yard-and-house for sale signs rescued from trash tossed aside beside my tomatoes and hibiscus-relative okra and pepper plants to help fix aerial- and lightning-generated-nitrogen as well and mayhap to tickle neamatode worms into finding elsewhere to eat roots. Spent a good portion of Friday wetting down the just-emerging okra rows to encourage hubris-rain to laugh at my tiny efforts…I was in swim trunks and took a hasty shower betwixt the blue-point palmetto and sleeping ‘biscus-ringed oak-get from a ground-swooping live oak which makes a wonderful bouncing board upon which to sitand sometimes stand like a kid learning how to “swings” standing up instead of sedate second-grade seated position and use as a shelf for a Summer Day’s shaded standby point for snacks and drinks whenst practicing my inebriated hammock test pilotage performances.)

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