“Measles, Anyone?” Tanka 2337

measles anyone?

orange county goes on list

of outbreak-ready

if so, how soon seminole

may swoon with red spots’ its own*

*(Seminole County, some now calling socio-economic, political and demographic (as well as urban-rural delineated the state of Florida and possibly The Nation as well typical average spot on a map) also has an international air-hub just a half-hour’s beltway ride to the north of Orlando International Measles Distribution Center designated McCoy Runways at OIA!)

“Measles, Anyone?” Tanka 2337

(May 10, 2019)

measles anyone?

orange county goes up on list*

of outbreak-ready

*(In Florida Miami-Dade (County), Orange County (Orlando), Broward County (named for Napoleon Bonaparte Broward, an early governor of some dimension and repute located North of Miami) and Hillsboro County (Tampa…which means St. Petersburg in Pinellas County across the bay and down Hillsboro’s backside as well if not in the near future, East of Clearwater which some say is America’s best beach…Bushwah! Bethune Beach and its cousin New Smyrna Beach and perhaps its niece Playalinda (pretty beach) as it’s named and needs not a Beach after Playalinda just to the South in Brevard County, all are on the national measles outbreak hot list. Orlando and Miami – and probably Tampa too are so listed because of international travel air transport hubs and the curious but dangerous number of “innoculation waivers” granted people who use all kinds of reasons, some perhaps valid and others less reasoned to keep their kids off the who-got-shots list in order to take their communicable diseases to school for share and share.)

“I’m Ungood ‘Bout ‘Membering Boys”

(May 11, 2019)

man stopped me to say

‘I knew you thirty-years past’

I hate morning math

*(I guess – no! know! – what piqued my pith and formed that negative response: he said more precisely: “Didn’t I know you Thirty-Years ago in Sanford?” I unresponded with a slurred “Nope. Been here fourty…no, sixty years now and don’t remember you at all.” And truth told: I didn’t. Long haired (white) beard as well bum: I keep me in a mirror locked up at home so I knew this taller and fatter figure was an imposter. Thus, my crappy deed done for the day I went on about my trek libraryward. Even the guy’s voice was no clue. Besides, I had yet to exchange a just-read for a new-read buncha chewed wood with ink-splotches. and like an unfixed junkie I’m short N sour ’round ’bout then: giving me a new word-coign: snourt!)

“No Little Girl With A Wooden Bucket…But”

(May 11, 2019)

I’m shrinking or shirts

are growing wide yet again”

Summer cotton quest’*

*(Gotta be the shirts soaking in the humidity and growing in response since the shorts refuse to fall from hips – okay, they cling to the below-belly like a madman grasping at any roots or grasses at the very end of the cliff, so I know it can not be the diet causing the shirts to billow in the breeze like a yard-armed sheet without stays to hold it skeletally taut. Maybe I need to find a better belt – both for girth-encirclement and tonsil-tickling in a one-and-one-quarter ounce dash of elixer most golden?)

“Ode On A Curled Lip” Tanka 2338

(May 11, 2019)

lip-curl half-snarl pose

convinces cancer-lover

to take puff elsewhere

not-averse to fine cigar

or a fragrant pipe – cigtrash

\*(Nothing says arrogant like a reformed anything. But I do make room on the accepted for a fragrant un-chained piece of smokery nearby. But I do have one suggestion for thems as have cigarettes to waste into perfectly already-scented air with different ideations concerning carcinogens wafting past an old wheeze on a sad horse: make ’em smoke’em naked with a ride- or walk-throw shower stall like an auto-wash (wax extra) to keep the clothes and perhaps a free tooths brushing thrown in or a dunk in mouff-wash to give the house a break, too. And, yes, I am sure some fine young and not-so lady has remarked on the quality of my ashtraykisses thrice upon a no-longer time.)

“Killing May Early”

(May 11, 2019)

killing may quickly

sunday-on got rains and storms

okra says: thanks!*

*(I put purloined small yard-and-house for sale signs rescued from trash tossed aside beside my tomatoes and hibiscus-relative okra and pepper plants to help fix aerial- and lightning-generated-nitrogen as well and mayhap to tickle neamatode worms into finding elsewhere to eat roots. Spent a good portion of Friday wetting down the just-emerging okra rows to encourage hubris-rain to laugh at my tiny efforts…I was in swim trunks and took a hasty shower betwixt the blue-point palmetto and sleeping ‘biscus-ringed oak-get from a ground-swooping live oak which makes a wonderful bouncing board upon which to sitand sometimes stand like a kid learning how to “swings” standing up instead of sedate second-grade seated position and use as a shelf for a Summer Day’s shaded standby point for snacks and drinks whenst practicing my inebriated hammock test pilotage performances.)