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    • Thank you for your kind words, Yasmin The Great. Of late I have heard moderations about six – and then even three – weeks. Once bifurcation begins – or in my unhumble opinion(s) once cloth gets shucked – responsibilities ensue. My gruff and often insensitive (it so seemed) dad, whose father “checked out” early in The Great Depression leaving a pre-teen lad to shoulder ”sponsibilities for three older sisters and a younger brother and help his three-job mom for whom early-century Minnesota was a blessed relief from harscrabble (with Lakota on Warpath too!) South Dakota of her own childhood said to me in our very infrequent back-alley talks behind the thick podocarpus hedge: “J, you take a lass to bed you best prepare to get married.” He did not say lass and I knew nothing of split-tail so the passage went right under my upper head with a shake and a smirk well-camouflaged as typical teen arrogance of which I had – and still have – an over-abundance. Then I confronted his worlds for a century one set of frozen weeks.Have not been the same sewer of seed(s) since. The once (or twice) I was willing I reflected on the wisdom of two liars ‘twining and walked regretfully away since neither time neither of us knew how to fight or even say with kindness “no.”

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