“See Nostra-Dennis”

(May 5, 2019)

An old man in the 1990s came up to the podium at an American Baseball Coaches Association conclave wearing a home plate suspended from a necklace across his chest. The collegiate coach said naught during his speecifying about the significance of wearing home plate until the very end. He asked if anyone in the audience knew how wide home plate in Little League was. After a silence a timid “seventeen inches” almost as a question was heard. “That’s right,” replied the coach. “Now, how wide is the plate at high school?” And on and on he asked, finally getting his audience more comfortable with college and The Minors before asking: “The Big Leagues?” Seventeen Inches shouted the crowd.

“Then, why do we keep making adjustments for those who can not maker their pitches between the two outer ends? And, not just in baseball? We make allowances for damn near everything else, in life, in school, in sports, in work and home. We change and amend. We compromise. We do it in government at home and abroad. Why (my words next) in God’s Name do we make these adjustments when we know already the limits are SEVENTEEN INCHES?

*** The above is a paraphrasing of the Sunday extravaganza three-hour American Adversaries radio show in which regular guest Nostra-Dennis (at least that’s how I hear it: go ask Christopher Hart how he says it since he’s in charge of the Altamonte Springs/Apopka AM radio show heard from five-through-seven (unles the former Tampa Bay Devil Rays – now, just Rays – are playing weekdays and five to eight on Sundays on FM 93.1 and AM 660 here in Central Florida.

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