“BunkerLove” Tanka 2332

(May 5, 2019)

rarely safer than

a nice, deep, dark dank bunker

three courses sandbags

an elle-shaped entry and wall

with step-up firing platform*

*(Overhead protection well may be catch-as-catch can, but should include at the very least a row of railroad ties covered with feet of sandbags, sand or dirt or concrete, preferably all three. Separate storage bunkers for dangerous stuff and perhaps a generator for air and lights…for a time I toyed with the idea of turning a rental home’s masterbedroom into a real bunker, but the frame home ‘s struts holding it off the lakeside sand probably would not allow the necessary weight. Besides, a Saint Bernard bitch had adopted me as its pack leader, sleeping alternately under the house in the sand or on a back bedroom’s waterbed for the mere price of a 50-pound sack of good quality feed on occasion and whatever bones and breakfast, lunch and dinner wreckage we both admitted were hers. though I drew the line at more than one beer a day. The neighborhood girls adored Heidi: she kept the boys in line, but the Saturday travelling evangelists did not…her slobber slung onto their bosoms as she told me “We Have Company.” Sometimes I even went so far as to wrap a towel ’round my waist, cigarette dangling and just-popped Bud in one hand. Heidi came over and tried – mostly unsuccessfully, to grab the towel and play tug-o-j to our mutual amusement. Such was the life of the returned from war college student.)

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